Christina Healy, BSN, Cert. Psya., Faculty Fellow, BGSP

Contact information
(617) 285-3214

Personal Statement
I was born in Ireland and started my professional training later in life. After many years as a clinical psychiatric nurse and a certified addictions specialist, I began my psychoanalytic training in 1989. I have finished all my academic work at VGSP, a branch of BGSP, and am currently working on my doctorate thesis.

My clinical career includes supervising and training staff in institutional settings; developing and implementing medical psychiatric programs; in addition to working with all age groups in my private practice, I specialize in working with the elderly and their families. I have presented a variety of topics including "Addictions in the Elderly," "Caring for Alzheimer's Patients and Their Families" and "Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Psychiatric Illnesses."

My current research applies modern psychoanalytic principles in treating the elderly nursing home population. My masters research was on healing addictions through storytelling, and my psychoanalytic certificate was a single case study on the fear of connection.