Barbara D'Amato, M.A., LP, Adjunct Faculty, NYGSP

Contact information
(718) 491-4104
(212) 633-1297

Personal Statement

I became interested in psychoanalysis from several different directions at approximately the same time in my life. I have always loved teaching and consider it to be a gratifying and creative endeavor. I first began my teaching career when I was 11 years old and routinely helped my younger brother with his homework. Later, as a NYC Special Education teacher I realized that working with students’ emotional lives was much more interesting then teaching basic academics. It appeared there was a distinct connection between how individuals learn and how they feel about themselves. I wanted to improve my repertoire of techniques and my understanding of psychic processes so I could be more effective in the classroom. I began my psychoanalytic training with the hope of specializing in the treatment of children.

At the same time, my husband was attending the Center for Modern Psychoanalysis. I was convinced that his program was superior to mine. His analyst said things to him that my therapist never said and his classes were all in one beautiful brownstone. So I transferred to CMPS where I have remained ever since. My pursuit of psychoanalysis has been inspired by the link between emotional experience and the ability to think.

Completing a Doctoral Study entitled, Threats Against the Dream Self in Dreams of Adopted, Adult Women as Manifestations of Psychic Loss, at VGSP, a branch of BGSP. My research interests include adoption, dreaming, emotional education, and unconscious motivation in literature

(2002) Defensive Meaning in a Schizophrenic Patient’s Preoccupation with Other Therapists. Modern Psychoanalysis, 27: 133 – 158.

(2005) Jekyll and Hyde: A Literary Forerunner to Freud’s Discovery of the Unconscious.
Modern Psychoanalysis, 30: 92 – 106.

(2006) Emotional Communication: Resolving a Resistance to Feeling Hate. Modern Psychoanalysis, 31: 102 – 112.