New York
Admissions and Financial Aid
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Central Administration

Dr. Jane Snyder
, President

Dr. Carol M. Panetta, Vice President of Finance and Institutional Relations

Dr. Lynn Perlman, Dean of Graduate Studies

Ms. Paula Berman
, Director of Marketing
Ms. Letisha Brown, Marketing Assistant

Ms. Amy Cohen-Rose
, Director of Library Services

Ms. Gayle Dolan, Controller
Dr. Stephen Soldz
, Director of the Center for Research, Evaluation and Program Development

Ms. Allison Williams
, Registrar
Ms. Stephanie Woolbert
, Director of Financial Aid, Admissions Coordinator, International Student Services, Director of Alumni Relations

Boston Campus

Dr. June Bernstein, Dean of Students

Dr. Helen Michael, Assistant Director of Clinical Studies

Dr. Siamak Movahedi, Director of Program in Psychoanalysis and Culture

Ms. Faye Newsome, Director of Clinical Studies

Dr. Jill Solomon, Director of Admissions

Dr. Joan White, Director of the Therapy Center

Ms. Nancy Tina Woolbert, Fieldwork Coordinator

Dr. Russ Lowe, Operations Manager

Mr. Jon Dzitko, Library Assistant

New York Campus

Dr. Mimi Crowell, Program Director

Mr. Stephen Guttman, Registrar

Ms. Laura Covino, Librarian

Dr. Joan Lippincott, Director of the Fieldwork Program

Dr. Dolores Welber, Director of Advisement

Dr. Vicki Semel, Co-Director of Admissions

Dr. Lynne Laub, Co-Director of Admissions

Dr. June Bernstein, Director of Public Information