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“The Contact” magazine

The Contact is a student-run magazine that was launched in February 2007. The magazine’s mission is to provide a forum in which students of Modern psychoanalysis can share their thoughts and experiences with the Modern psychoanalytic community and to actively contribute to the advancement of the field.

The magazine also helps to connect BGSP students with other students of Modern psychoanalysis in different geographical locations (i.e. New York and New Jersey). One of the main premises of The Contact is to create a forum in which all students of Modern psychoanalysis can participate in a collective discourse.

The Contact offers students the opportunity to publish their ideas in a friendly arena and to gain the confidence needed to submit an academic paper to a journal for publication. In some ways it acts to bridge the gap between writing class-assignments and getting an article published in a recognized journal.

The Contact also affords students at BGSP an opportunity to gain experience in its publication. The editorial board is always looking for new editors, writers, artists and various other forms of contributor to get involved in the project.

The Contact, Issue 5.pdf

The Contact, Issue 4.pdf

The Contact, Issue 3.pdf

The Contact, Issue 2.pdf

The Contact, Issue 1.pdf

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