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Dr. Bigda-Peyton
Dr. Frances Bigda-Peyton, a graduate of the Certificate Program, came to BGSP with a doctorate from Boston University. Her published article in Modern Psychoanalysis, When Drives Are Dangerous: Drive Theory and Resource Overconsumption, led Dr. Bigda-Peyton to an interesting application of her psychoanalytic training. MORE>

At BGSP psychoanalytic research is an integral aspect of our graduate programs. Through researching a topic of interest, students develop their ability to carefully observe phenomena with a psychoanalytic focus while developing critical thinking skills. Research topics range from systematic single or multiple case studies to the examination of psychoanalytic aspects of social or cultural phenomena.

Here are a sample of the Masters theses and Doctoral dissertations that have been completed at BGSP:

Doctoral Research in Psychoanalysis

Steven Brown (2012): Alcoholics Anonymous and Psychoanalysis:  Collision or Collaboration?

Max Cavallaro (2012): Understanding Compliance in Analysis

Sara Hueso (2012): She Who Swallowed The Donkey, An Attempt to Get Rid of Connection

Patricia Hugenberger (2012): The Influence of Individual Psychodynamics on Reactions to Soap Opera Characters and Story Lines

Helen Michael (2012): A Parallel Life”: Exploring the Unconscious Fantasies of Fiction Writers

Jill Solomon (2012): Character will Out: Supervision, Personal Analysis and Control Case in a Psychoanalytic Training

Ronald Ceppetelli (2010): Death and life in the nursing home: The psychodynamics of nursing aides experiences of nursing home residents. View Abstract Here.

Gohar Homayounpour (2006):The Transferential Nature of Language in the Analytic Situation: Can One be in Analysis in the Wrong Language?

Rodrigo Barahona (2005): The Psychoanalytic Meaning of Notices of Non-compliance in the Psychotherapy of Opiate Addiction

Daniel Gilhooley (2005): Stepping Back: An Empirical Study of Regression in the Analytic Hour

Joan White (2005): Life as Pain: Psychic Restructuring After Catastrophic Trauma

Doctoral Research in Psychoanalysis & Culture

Mary Shepherd (2007): Testing a Psychoanalytic Hypothesis using Biological and Psychosocial Data

Eliana Caligaris (2005): Prostitutes go home on Good Friday: A Psychoanalytic Ethnography on the Experience of Prostitution in Brazil

Robin Gomolin (2005):
The Intergenerational Transmission of Holocaust Trauma: A Systematic Review of a Psychoanalytic Theory

Michal Ginach (2004):
Are we fighting for our survival? What is behind the Israeli politics of ein breira (no choice)?

Miriam Riss (2004):
Tolerance for Violence: Comparing People’s Responses to Two Recent Acts of Aggression line

Master’s Theses

Claudia Melville (2006): Immigration: Its Unconscious Fantasies and Motivations

Brigitte Zakari (2005): The Role of Resistance in the Development of the Narcissistic Transference

Daniel De Lima (2004): Clinical Considerations about the Immigrant

Karina Balkh (2004):
The Dynamic of a Love Affair with a Married Individual

Max Cavallaro (2004):
Smoking Initiation: A Rite of Passion

Daniella Colodro (2003):
Anti-Depressant Medication and Psychoanalysis: A Survey

Paraskevas Kassinos (2003): Echoes From the Roots of the Psyche: A Study of the Oceanic Feeling in the Dreams of Young Adults

Gohar Homayounpour (2002):
In the Name of Times Past: A Psychoanalytic Textual Analysis of Ancient Persian and Greek Mythologies

Jeff Madonna (2002):
Occupational Choice in Light of Father/Son Relationships

Rodrigo Barahona (2000):
Resistance in the Evolution of a Group of PreOedipal Patients

Elizabeth Truslow (1999):
Modern Psychoanalytic Framework and the Treatment of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Jill Weiss (1997):
Attention Deficit Disorder: A Narcissistic Defense?

Miriam Riss (1997): Dynamics of Risk Taking: Attitudes, Dispositions and Defenses

Certificate Research

Robin Gomolin (2003): View abstract here.