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Issue #7 , April, 2005

Edited by Stephen Soldz

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VSP Celebrates First Doctoral Graduate

The Vermont School of Psychoanalysis in Dummerston, VT celebrated a landmark event on Saturday, February 26, 2005 when Joan White became the first to receive VSP's Doctorate of Psychoanalysis (Psya.D.). Before an audience which included VSP faculty and students, members of the BGSP Research Committee and members of her family, Joan White presented her research paper entitled, "Life as Pain: Psychic Restructuring after Catastrophic Trauma." This paper examines the effects of severe trauma, loss and dislocation within a group of survivors of genocide in Cambodia. In this disturbing and moving study, Mrs. White found that the traditional concepts of repression do not apply. These survivors manifest permanently altered psychicstructures. This finding and other related material were discussed by the audience at large. The paper will be available in the near future at both VSP and BGSP.

Contributed by Lorraine Smithberg

VSP Student Wins Vermont Research Award

VSP doctoral candidate Dan Gilhooley has won the first research award given by the Vermont Association of Psychoanalytic Studies. Gilhooley's work on the cyclical disintegration and integration of patients' thoughts during the analytic session was honored at the annual VAPS meeting on February 13 in Montpelier, VT. He is graduate of CMPS, where he is a Fellow at the Treatment and Referral Service, and a member of the first MA class at BGSP.

The study involves the analysis of patient speech in psychoanalytic sessions. Gilhooley's textual analysis employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods. He identified three fundamentally different forms of disintegrative and integrative processes occurring simultaneously in the unconscious, as exemplified by speech.

GMr. Gilhooley has presented versions of his research at several CMPS and VSP events and at the North American Society for Psychotherapy Research conference in Newport last November. He will be on a panel presenting some of his findings at the international Society for Psychotherapy Research conference in Montreal June.

In a thank-you letter to VAPS, Mr Gilhooley described his research as follows:

My original education and training is as a visual artist. During the past 25 years I've had 18 one-person shows and participated in over 125 group exhibitions throughout the United States; altogether creating a modest professional success. For the past 20 years I've worked realistically devoting myself to an ongoing project of making portraits of members of my family, documenting our evolving lives and relationships. I'm telling you this because it's quite related to my psychoanalytic research where I try to study the creative process occurring in the minds of patients as they struggle to reshape themselves in treatment.
In my doctoral research at the C. Z. Meadow Institute I chose to study the psychoanalytic process, specifically studying the changing patterns of thought occuring in the minds of patients in sessions as represented in their words. Because I wanted to study the creative process, I was very interested in the process of cyclical disintegration and integration in the patients' thoughts, where their current conceptions of themselves and their worlds were disassembled and reorganized in new ways. For me this was the area of greatest interest: how does someone create a new idea or form some new understanding; really how does someone change?
To study this process I analyzed patient speech in psychoanalytic sessions. For my data I used archived transcriptions of a total of 106 sessions of 15 different patients. Altogether this represented half a million words of patient speech. I analyzed this speech using two forms of text analysis software. Employing a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, I identified three fundamentally different forms of disintegrative and integrative processes occuring simultaneously in the minds of patients during psychoanalytic sessions. I hope my research sheds new light on how patients unconsciously use a recurring cyclical process of disintegration and integration to create new conceptions of themselves.
Contributed by Elizabeth Dorsey

Life of Phyllis Meadow, BGSP Founder, Celebrated at Service in New York

The modern psychoanalytic community from New York and Boston gathered March 5th to celebrate the life of Phyllis W. Meadow, founder and Past President of BGSP, who died in January. Many of those who had worked with and learned from Dr. Meadow spoke about the varied ways this remarkable woman had impacted their lives. Emphasized by many speakers were her incredible energy, her ability to enjoy even the most mundane life tasks, and her ability to perceive and speak to the essence of another. Emerging from the gathering was a renewed commitment to continue her vision of teaching modern psychoanalysis to a new generation and encouraging the application of psychoanalytic principles in the wider world.

Contributed by Stephen Soldz

Boston Globe Features BGSP Therapy Center

The Boston Globe featured the BGSP Therapy Center in it's March 27th edition: The student shrink is in -- $5 a session. The article focuses on the availability of high-quality affordable psychoanalytic treatment at BGSP. It tells the story of one BGSP candidate, William Sharp, attracted to BGSP because of the opportunity to learn and practice long-term treatment that allows for the creation of a deep emotional connection to patients. The article also emphasizes that the modern psychoanalysis practiced at the Therapy Center does not fit the common stereotypes about psychoanalytic therapy.

Contributed by Stephen Soldz

BGSP Spring Conference to Address Unconscious Influences on Organizational Dynamics

Michael Maccoby a psychoanalyst, anthropologist, and organizational consultant will be the Keynote Speaker at BGSP's Spring Conference: Leadership & Teamwork: Tapping the Power of the Unconscious, May 7, 2005. Dr. Maccoby studied under Erich Fromm at the Mexican Institute of Psychoanalysis, and has a Ph.D. from Harvard. He consults to businesses, governments and unions. Dr. Maccoby's talk is entitled: The Leaders We Need, Why People Will Follow. Dr. Maccoby's talk will be followed by a Panel Response: Leading and Working Toward Teamwork. Members of the Panel include:

Following lunch, participants will be offered a range of topical workshops, followed by Group Experience Workshops led by Elliot Zeisel, James Morrell, and others.

For those wishing a foretaste of Dr. Maccoby's work, numerous articles by by him are available at the web site of The Maccoby Group.

The conference will be held at Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA from 9:30 AM to 4:45 PM. For more information, or to register, call

BGSP: (617) 469-3580 or go to:

Contributed by Stephen Soldz

Spring Conference to be Followed by Party to Honor Phyllis Meadow

Following the Spring Conference on May 7th, (see previous item), BGSP will sponsor a family party to pay tribute to Phyllis W. Meadow. There will be cocktails and dinner, along with speakers and a silent auction to raise funds for the Phyllis W. Meadow Doctoral Developmental Fund. Reservations are $75 ($35 for students). For reservations and information: 617-277-3915.

Annual Cape Cod Conference --"Passions and Actions" -- to Honor Phyllis Meadow

This summer's Cape Cod Summer Institute entitled "Passions and Actions" will be held in Wellfleet, MA, from July 30 through August 6. The conference will be in honor of Dr. Phyllis Meadow, BGSP founder and former president, who died in January, 2005. Topics of particular interest to Dr. Meadow will be explored, her particular passions, ranging from drive theory, the role of enactment in psychoanalysis, understanding violence, and working with the preverbal patient to understanding violence and psychoanalytic research. Videotapes of Dr. Meadow's participation and presentation at prior conferences will be shown as part of the program. As in prior years, conference time is scheduled for each morning, 9:00 to 12:30, with recreational and social events offered in the afternoons and evenings.

For help with finding accommodations, contact the Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce, or call the BGSP office: (617) 277-3915

Contributed by Jane Snyder

BGSP Sponsors National Alcohol Screening Day

On April 7, BGSP will join hundreds of other sites across the country in sponsoring National Alcohol Screening Day. NASD provides a brief screening for people concerned they they have crossed the line into problematic drinking. For those identified with alcohol problems, appropriate referals will be made. BGSP Therapy Center therapists will be available from 4:00 to 8:00 PM. Those interested can either drop in at our Brookline campus [1581 Beacon St.] or call for an appointment. For further information contact: Sherry Ceridan or Christina Healy at 617-277-3915.

Contributed by Sherry Ceridan

Gallery 1581 to Feature BGSP Community in Next Exhibit: Memory and Desire

Gallery 1581, BGSP's art gallery, will feature BGSP students, faculty, families, and friends in the next show, Memory and Desire, scheduled to open with a reception on Friday, May 20th as part of the Brookline Open Studios.

All members of the BGSP community are encouraged to submit work for consideration for this juried show. Work should be dropped off on Saturday, May 14th, between 12 and 3 PM. Paperwork can be picked up in advance from the BGSP staff or from a gallery member. Work in any media will be considered, including three dimensional works.

All two dimensional work should be ready to hang - framed (no clip framwa, please) and wired. Canvases on stretchers need not be framed. Download the Call for Work for further details.

If you have any questions, contact Gallery 1581 at (617) 277-3915, x35.

BGSP Faculty Member Analyzes "Near-Death" Notes in New Book Chapter

BGSP faculty member Siamak Movahedi has published a psychoanalytic analysis of notes written on the eve of combat by militants in a variety of Middle East conflicts between 1980 and 1990. Dr. Movahedi's chatper, Death, Fantasy, and the Politics of Self-Destruction appears in Jerry S. Piven;s edited volume: The Psychology of Death in Fantasy and History.

Faculty Member on Board of New Research Journal

BGSP faculty member Stephen Soldz has been invited to join the Board of Editorial Advisers of a new journal, the Journal of Research Practice: Innovations and Challenges in Multiple Domains, an international transdisciplinary journal focused on innovations in 'research practice' and 'research education'.

The main aims of the journal are, (i) to extend the practice of research (or open and organized inquiry) to progressively newer domains and (ii) to connect research-inclined persons working in different disciplinary, institutional, and practical contexts, and promote cooperative learning. The journal is also expected to serve as a key resource for research training around the world. The Journal of Research Practice will be published in 'open access' mode, meaning that articles are available for free on the web at

Dr. Soldz would like to encourage psychoanalytic colleagues to contribute to JRP. Among the types of issues that might be relevant are:

Contributed by Stephen Soldz

New Book Chapter by BGSP Alum

BGSP Certificate graduate Adrian George Sahlean is co-author of the chapter, The Dynamically Stable Enterprise, forthcoming in In Search of BMP Excellence by the Business Process Management Group. The book will be available upon publication from: Meghan-Kiffer Press.

Brown Bag Lunch Clinical Seminars a Success

Everyday Clinical Dilemnas, a brown bag lunch clinical seminar has been meeting once a month in Nashua, New Hampshire, drawing a steady and lively group of clinicians. Topics such as Action in the Treatment, The prepsychotic patient, Money in the Transference, Suicide, and the Treatment Destructive Patient are discussed through case presentation and discussion. The series has been organized by BGSP graduate Patricia Hugenberger. The series has also gotten underway at the Brookline campus. The next event in NH is on April 15, Excuses to Leave Therapy; in Brookline, April 1, Money in the Transference and April 29, Suicide.

Contributed by Jane Snyder

Case Presentation Seminar for Undergraduates

In an innovative effort to introduce undergraduates to the world of clinical psychoanalysis, BGSP faculty member Robin Gomolin is organizing a Case Presentation Seminar on April 16, 9:30 AM, at BGSP's Brookline Campus. This program, based on a very successful seminar she organized last fall, is open to any undergraduates interested in getting a sense of how psychoanalysts treat and understand their patients.

BGSP Open Houses and Information Sessions

BGSP has scheduled several Open Houses and Information Sessions for this spring. All interested in finding out about the school and its programs are invited to attend. Upcoming sessions are:

VSP Information Sessions

The Vermont School of Psychoanalysis, BGSP's branch in Dumerston, VT, has scheduled several Information Sessions for this spring. All interested in finding out about the school and its programs are invited to attend. Upcoming sessions are:

Upcoming CE Events

More Details:

BGSP: (617) 469-3580 or

Contributed by Claudia Luiz

Selected Recent Library Acquisitions

Contributed by Amy Cohen-Rose

Psychoanalysis in the News

Freud makes it to, along with the top 99 women and other features: Sigmund Freud: The Ultimate Shrink.

British psychoanalytic psychotherapist Susie Orbach, and writer Blake Morrison (author of As If discuss the relationship of writing and psychotherapy: The talking cure.

I take my lead from Philip Roth in My Life as a Man. His character picks up a psychoanalytic journal, sees a piece about himself, and is outraged. His identity as a Jewish writer is completely central to him and he finds himself transposed into an Italian sculptor. How dare the analyst get him so wrong? What kind of analyst does that? I understand his indignation. At a tangent is the preoccupation we have with confidentiality, and although I absolutely respect and treasure it, I'd love to understand why we put a cordon of confidentiality around private life. I wonder sometimes if it isn't about the shamefulness of seeing one's desire and complications. When you were writing about your parents, what did you do?

A new off-Broadway production of the 1996 play regarding Freud, Jung, and Sabina Spielrein: Review: 'Sabina' Analyzes Psychoanalysts.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder has become the Hollywood fad of the moment: Screenwriters can't resist this disorder.

Contributed by Stephen Soldz

Quote of the Month

"Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars--mere globs of gas atoms. Nothing is 'mere.' I too can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. But do I see less or more?"

Author: Richard P. Feynman
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