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Issue #3 , April, 2004

Edited by Stephen Soldz & Virginia Elliott

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Leadership Change at BGSP
Paul Roazen Talk Rescheduled
Phyllis Meadow Talks About Psychoanalysis on Radio
Stephen Soldz on TV Panel Discussing Bullying<
Talks by BGSP Faculty Available Online
Smashing New “T” Ad Heralds Name Change For Treatment Service:
The Therapy Center
Fabulous Pianist & Music Scholar Paul Sheftel to Play Bach at VSP
Gallery 1581, The Art Gallery at BGSP
Jill Solomon Named Fieldwork Coordinator
Upcoming Informational Sessions at BGSP
Upcoming Informational Sessions at VSP
Upcoming CE Events
Selected Recent Library Acquisitions
Research Notes
Psychoanalysis in the News
Quote of the Month

Leadership Change at BGSP

After many years as President, BGSP founder Phyllis Meadow has resigned her Presidency. She has become the school's Provost. Dr. Dena Reed has been appointed BGSP's Acting President by the Board. Dr. Stephen Hayes, Board Chairman has written the following Letter to the BGSP Community (pdf).

Paul Roazen Talk Rescheduled

The discussion of his latest book, On the Freud Watch, by noted author and historian of psychoanalysis Paul Roazen has been postponed to April 24.

Phyllis Meadow Talks About Psychoanalysis on Radio

BGSP Provost (and former President) Phyllis W. Meadow was interviewed by Matt Schaefer on Boston radio station WBCN (104.1 FM) on February 29, 2004. You can listen to her interview online.

Stephen Soldz on TV Panel Discussing Bullying

BGSP faculty member Stephen Soldz was on a television panel discussion about bullying and relational aggression. The show, broadcast throughout Massachusetts during March by Comcast, is part of a regular series of shows, The Safety Net, produced by the Brookline Health Department and hosted by former state legislator Ronnie Sydney. Dr. Soldz spoke about research on relational aggression by adolescents and adults.

He pointed out that traditional identifications of human aggression with physical violence are unduly limiting and that people can hurt one another through the manipulation of relationships. Such "relational aggression" uses such techniques as gossip and social exclusion to hurt. Many researchers are finding that the hurt experienced from relational aggression can be as great as that from more overt aggression. Dr. Soldz and faculty member Jane Snyder, along with VSP students Leah Towne and Daniela Colodro are currently conducting a study of relational aggression among adolescents.

Contributed by Stephen Soldz
Talks by BGSP Faculty Available on the Web

The February 6 talks by three BGSP faculty members at a Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice forum can now be listened to online [thanks to the recording efforts of Freeman Z]:

  1. Introduction to Forum (Stephen Soldz)
  2. Introduction to Stephen Price
  3. The Role of Sacrifice (Stephen Price)
  4. Introduction to Jane Snyder
  5. Power and Paranoia (Jane Snyder)
  6. Security, Terror, and Empire (Stephen Soldz)

Smashing New “T” Ad Heralds Name Change For Treatment Service: The Therapy Center

Keep your eyes open for the compelling new Treatment Service ad on the Red Line trains that will be displayed through April. The ad shows a vibrant child swinging by his arms with the invitation to "Stretch Yourself." You'll notice on the eye-catching poster the name change from Treatment Service to The Therapy Center. Color copies of the poster will be available for display in your offices and clinics on April 10. To receive these posters, contact Therapy Center staff personnel by calling 617-277-3910. To view the ad click here (pdf).

A version of the same eye-catching ad also advertises the degree and clinical programs at BGSP. There will also be tear-off sheets on this ad that can be viewed by clicking here (pdf).

Contributed by Virginia Elliott
Gallery 1581, The Art Gallery at BGSP

We have received an enthusiastic response to the call for art work in the last newsletter. Oils, photographs, mosaics, pastels and other works on paper are awaiting the opening scheduled for June 4, 2004. We will have a reception beginning after classes that evening with the artists on hand. Please feel free to invite anyone you think may be interested.

The gallery will also be open Saturday, June 5, 2004 and Sunday, June 6, 2004 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in conjunction with the Brookline Open Studios Weekend. The inaugural show, open to BGSP faculty, graduates and their families, will hang through the end of the semester, to be followed by a student show in the fall. The committee, Art and Life,is open to ideas about upcoming shows that will help bring interested participants and viewers to the school. Please contact Dr. Wagner, Mr. Morrell, Ms. Ryan or Ms. Shalom with questions. Artists needing to finish submitting works, bios or descriptions for the opening show, please make haste. We are assembling the catalog now

Contributed by Mara Wagner
Jill Solomon Named Fieldwork Coordinator

Central to the Masters and Clinical Programs is the experience garnered by each student through their externship in the field observing psychosis. BGSP Instructor Jill Solomon has been named to coordinate the placement of students in the community. Ms. Solomon is gratified in her efforts in that “The field placement is enriching to the students and to the placement community as well.” Her work takes her to institutions and organizations in a variety of areas, as she builds a link with a wider range of placement settings. Primarily, these are day treatment programs, nursing homes and residential treatment programs.

Contributed by Virginia Elliott
Fabulous Pianist & Music Scholar Paul Sheftel to Play Bach at VSP

Saturday, April 10 at 5 pm, internationally known concert pianist Paul Sheftel will play a private performance for VSP faculty and their families. Mr. Sheftel presents Bach from one of his current series and will play our wonderfully magnificent piano.

Contributed by Elizabeth Dorsey
Upcoming Informational Sessions at BGSP

BGSP will be holding an Open House for prospective students Friday, April 30, 5:30-6:30.

Upcoming Informational Sessions at VSP

Information sessions for new students will be held at VSP on : April 23, 4-5pm, April 25 and May 23, 12 noon-1pm.

Upcoming CE Events

This month's extension division offerings run a lovely gamut from Clinical to Enjoyable. Check out our website for details:

Contributed by Claudia Luiz
Selected Recent Library Acquisitions Contributed by Amy Cohen-Rose
Notes on Interesting Research

Recent studies of interest we've come across:

A recent study finds: Psychotherapy May Help Hypochondriacs.

New research supports part of Freud's dream theory -- dreams include material that the person is trying to avoid thinking about: Study Backs Freud’s Dream Theory.

Psychoanalysis in the News

The British Economist discusses the situation of psychoanalysis in Britain, as short-term therapies move into its territory: Shrink to fit.

Quote of the Month:

"I do not know if it has ever been noted before that one of the main characteristics of life is discreteness. Unless a film of flesh envelops us, we die. Man exists only insofar as he is separated from his surrondings. The cranium is a space-traveler's helmet. It may be wonderful to mix with the landscape, but to do so is the end of the tender ego."

Vladimir Nabokov: Pnin
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