Claudia Luiz

Claudia Luiz, a graduate of the BGSP Certificate program, has been able to apply her analytic degree to a writing career. She is the author of a weekly column, called Claudia Confidentially, which is published in the health section of the Daily News Transcript, a daily publication of GateHouse Media, Inc, one of the largest publishers of locally based print and online media in the United States. The column addresses issues on how to tolerate and understand challenging feelings. In addition, Mrs. Luiz is the recipient of the 2006 annual Phyllis Meadow Award for Excellence in Psychoanalytic Writing and the 2008 Grand Prize winner of the Writer's Digest Best Writer's website competition.

Prior to studying analysis, Mrs. Luiz was an analytic patient. ”I was a high school drop-out, and, after being in a modern psychoanalysis, I received a degree from Harvard and then my certificate from BGSP. I am now happily married with two beautiful girls (my biggest achievement is my "Mrs."!) “