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Dealing with Difficult People: A Therapeutic Approach

Psychoanalysts see difficult people not just as problems, but as projects. A proactive approach to them begins with self-protection, and continues through understanding of self and other, to a "win-win" relationship. This workshop will begin with basic principles of emotional self-defense and then move on to discuss practical interventions with people in family, work and other settings. Specific topics will include: Is it them or is it me? Yes, words can hurt me; Our feelings are our most faithful friends; Relationship "rules"-stifling or liberating? Respect-the most important communication.

Thursday, April 11, 2013 7:00 PM–9:00 PM*

Eugene Goldwater, M.D., is a faculty member at BGSP and has taught, lectured and written about numerous subjects including fantasy and creativity, childhood and maturation, men and women, and sex and violence.

2 CE Credits                       No Charge

This workshop is designed to help you:
1. Describe what makes a person "difficult" for you to deal with.
2. Use your feelings as a guide to protect yourself from emotional harm.
3. Plan specific interventions to improve your control over a problematic relationship.
4. Attend to both your personal needs and your sense of fairness in dealing with difficult people.

This event is free, to register click here.