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Commercial banks offer a greater variety of international services than savings banks. You will need your passport when opening an account.

The transfer of international currency may be time-consuming. Students may wish to bring enough money in traveler’s checks to cover their expenses for two weeks.

For personal security reasons, it is not common to carry large amounts of cash. US currency comes in two forms: paper and coin. US paper money, known as dollars, comes in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Common US coins are the penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cents), dime (10 cents) and the quarter (25 cents). One hundred (100) cents is equivalent to 1 dollar.

Bank of America

350 Chestnut Hill Ave.
Brighton, MA 02135
Mon - Fri: 9-4:30
Sat - Sun: Closed

199 Boylston Street
Newton, MA 02467
Mon - Sat: 10-8
Sun: Closed

32 Langley Rd.
Newton, MA 02459
Mon - Wed: 9-4
Thurs - Fri: 9-5
Sat - Sun: Closed

Citizens Bank

2000 Beacon Street,
Brighton, MA 02135
(617) 264-4377
Mon - Wed: 9AM-4PM
Thurs - Fri: 9AM-5PM
Sat: 9AM-1PM

Sovereign Bank
780 Beacon Street
Newton MA 02459
(617) 558-1252
Mon - Wed: 9AM - 4PM
Thurs - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: 9AM - 12PM
Sun: Closed